A quick Baby Safe update

In the last few Rachel has been getting more and more involved with BabySafe as the team has returned from the US and 4 new people (incl. Rachel) join.

Rachel has been asked to head up the heart2heart program which is essentially the ‘mommy mentoring’ discipleship groups created once mothers have become ‘clients’ of babysafe through being supported through pregnancy and becoming a mum, often after choosing to either not have an abortion or to not dump their baby after meeting a babysafe member.

She has also recently been on a 5 day biblical pre-abortion counselling course which has been hugely insightful both for her as she learns and me as I hear about what is being discussed. Although Rachel probably won’t be attending the clinic to counsel just yet it is helpful for her to understand the principles in order that she can relate to mothers in the heart2heart program effectively.

In the past few weeks 2 babies have been dumped in this area:

Case 1

Case 2

An official mentioned in one case: “It fits into a pattern of infanticide that we have been seeing emerge in the Cape metropole area in the last three years..”

So the need for babysafe as an organisation and the babysafe itself is as evident as ever. One baby was found alive, the other wasn’t. Babysafe are continually promoting that mothers have options instead of dumping their babies and are offered friendship, support, discipleship, and infant care education from BabySafe.

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