An African Hero of mine – Sbu Jali

Yes, we are still in India, and are loving being a part of what God is doing here, but our hearts are definately still for Africa too.

Over the past few months we have become increasingly convinced that the answer to Africa’s problems are it’s people coming to Jesus, following Him with a radical obedience. That is why I have an African hero, not someone who is maybe influential in national politics or business or recorded in history books, yet at least, but one of our friends Sbusiso Jali.

Africa needs it’s men to stand up, it needs them to take hold of the call of God for their lives to see their communities, countries and continent redeemed through the gospel, and we are honoured to know and have as one of our best friends a forerunner of this movement. Sbu has served Jesus with integrity, passion and commitment ever since we have known him. He is a man with a servants heart and we want to commend him to you:

Please read his newsletter below to get a taste of the fruit of what God is doing through him, read below:

Sbu’s Newsletter Lower Quality

If you’d like to keep up to date with Sbu’s newsletters or you can help commit to support him prayerfully or financially, send him an email – JALISBUSISO@YAHOO.COM

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