And it Begins

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Ohana Court Registration

We have arrived! As you can tell from our last post we have quite an adventure, but we are delighted to be here. We have had a pretty hectic week and a half, we began by going through our induction processes, paying our fees, getting campus badges made, which was followed by a formal hawaiian welcoming ceremony with dances, they took us through the process of joining “Ohana” which is the hawaiian concept of family and emphasized our responsibility toward the islands ecology and culture. In the evening there was a meeting to celebrate the different nations who are at the University for this quarter. We were amazed by the amount of countries represented, most amazingly, North Korea, China and Kosovo. There are over 40 different nations represented here and it has already been amazingly enriching to be in a community with such a diverse background.

After the opening ceremonies we met our class and the staff, we have some really great staff including a guy from Guilford in England who we have convinced to be our “accent accountability” whilst we are here to ensure we don’t end up getting those strange anglo-american accents as most of our staff are from the US. Stuart Fyvie will be pleased to know that so far we are doing fine, and throwing in the odd eastenders quote for good measure to ensure our British roots stay strong!

DTS Staff Members

DTS Staff Members

We have 65 in our class, from late teens up to people in their 40’s, we are dormed in the married area of the campus which has been great, especially in light of our single friends who have to dorm with at least 6 others in very close proximity. By comparison the married rooms are very nice, even though we have to push 2 single beds together! Throughout the staff and students in the community transformations school there are 7 married couples, 3 of which are our neighbours on the second floor of the building we are in. We are staying in a building called the GO Centre, there are no glass windows in our room, only mosquito netting and wooden slats that can be angled to close. Without air conditioning it means the room keeps a good air flow, but it also means we hear every sound from the road in front of the building.

Our classroom is the other end of the campus which makes for some good exercise and sweaty bodies on arrival, we have had a different teacher each day this week as it has been presented as an introductory week, we have already understood what people had told us, that learning on DTS is like drinking from a fire hose! There is so much we could pass on, but one of the main phrases that has stuck with us this week was from Jim Orred, the head of the campus whilst the founders of YWAM Loren and Darlene Cunningham are travelling; He said “Most people have a vision for their lives, but not a vision for their hearts”. This challenged us that so often we can have certain desires or aspirations for our lives, which aren’t in themselves bad, but we don’t often think about how we want our hearts to grow, to have vision for our character to be formed more and more into the image of Jesus.

If anyone wants to hear more about what we are doing, or has questions for us we would love to hear from you! You can comment in the boxes below, or if you prefer email us by going to the contact page.

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  1. YEah I remember Basil comign oiut and screaming because he could hear everything from those rooms!
    Missing You both and hope liam still has the stubble he had in the video.

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