End of CPx – God Story


After getting back to South Africa we had great fun debriefing alongside lots of our african friends who has been in Zanzibar, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and our local townships. One of the highlights was an incredible story. We mentioned a little while ago we had a believer from a 99% Muslim country in Sub-saharan Africa, which we’ll call Jacque (not his real name) well he became a good friend. Being in Cape Town was his first time on a plane, his first time on an escalator even. When he arrived in Cape Town we were showing around the All Nations property and he looked at a cooker and said“what is this?”, When we explained, he said “Wow, by the end of my time here, I want to learn how to operate this!”. Jacque had begun following Jesus after someone gave him a bible and in private for a number of year, devoured it. Ever since, he has been growing, and then this year was able to come to Cape Town and study how to plant church in muslim majority environments.
Because of complicated visa issues, Jacque had to stay in South Africa, but a team did travel to the nation next to his. By the end of the school Jacque was beginning to get ready to leave the first christian community he had been a part of, the community where he had worshipped publicly for the first time, to return to plant Jesus in his home nation, alone. When we were debriefing, the team that had travelled to his neighbouring nation told a story and showed some photos of a man who they had met in a park, he was insistent that he was an atheist, but was happy to read the bible with them in the park. After after a few weeks, he gave his life to the Lord. Once the presentation was over Jacque stood up and shared how the man they had seen come to the Lord had been his best friend throughout all his schooling, but they had separated ways when Jacque had begun following Jesus. Now through some incredible God orchestration, Jacque gets to go home and live alongside another Christian, his best friend from school!

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