Everyone gets to play – Some Questions for you

Last post we talked about discipleship returning to its central place in our approach to evangelism and missions, but I want to say first this time, that evangelism and missions aren’t some technical new christian industry that the few are employed into, but the everyday living out of following Jesus that every believer is called into.

For many of us, it looks different, many of us spend most of our days in the same environment, an office, a home, wondering what would it look like if the Kingdom of God came into this place?

Some other of us work jobs where we travel, meeting people for short periods of time and wonder, What would it be like to be a tranformative witness for Jesus to these people? Others of us live away from our traditional homes seeking to serve a people group find these truths and lead themselves into kingdom living.

What are some of the questions you ask when you think about wanting to see the kingdom of God impact where you spend your week?

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