Heading IntoAfrica on Tuesday!

On tuesday I’ll beginning a 7500km round trip to Mangochi i

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n Malawi, along with 5 others, we are taking some malawian friends who have been living in the township Masiphumelele. Over the last year they have been preparing and training to go and live amongst an unreached people group in Malawi. We are very excited about this, as our heart is for exactly this, to see African believed in and equipped to live out following Jesus and reaching the lost of their own continent.

I’m hoping to be able to send some updates from the road onto this blog, so stay tuned…

in the meantime, would you pray with us into:

– For safety on the road
– Easy border crossing
– Right now we are having an insurance issue meaning we might not be able to take the larger more able vehicle we had planned on, and may have to take something too small for the job. The insurance company is coming back to us on monday about that so please pray for that.
– Finally, this will be by far the longest Rach and I have ever been apart, so for her feeling of safety as she stays in our house with some friends and a sense of God’s nearness to her whilst she stays in SA.

3 Comments on “Heading IntoAfrica on Tuesday!

  1. Have a great time, will be thinking of you both, Rachel will be well looked after by friends, what an experience Liam, you are so well blessed with your life, i will be thinking of you and all the other people on this fantastic journey, love to you both mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi you too…

    I only saw this now. What an amazing blessing. African road trip. How I long to have been there to go with you. This is my world and what I know. I’ll pray as the Lord reminds and leads me. Please let me know if you get stuck or need help. I see your rome doesn’t go through Botswana but I have done much of that traveling myself in the past and feel that I may be able to assist long distance in an advisory capacity. Your greatest challenge will most likely be communication.

    So good, so happy for you. Go and have FUN with God and His African people….


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