Housing and Car Update

Well, we have been keeping busy here in South Africa. Settling in has taken a little longer than expected, but the good news is that we have now found a place and signed a lease! It is in Kommetjie, not Capri as we had hoped, it is about a 10 minute drive from Masiphumelele and the All Nations base in Noordhoek and we are SO grateful to finally have a light at the end of the tunnel of a 2 month house search.

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We had originally looked for a 2 bedroom flat, but because Kommetjie is a slightly cheaper area our budget got us a small house. For some reason it was listed as a 2 bedroom cottage, and when we arrived we found a small 3rd bedroom we can use as an office! It was so much more than we expected to be living in here and we feel very blessed.

We live a couple of streets from a beautiful local beach called ‘Long beach’, which we heard is the longest beach in the world, but that is unverified! Also, for those of you who know them, we are just down the road from our friends in YWAM Kevin and Tonya Stanfield, and All Nations Leaders Floyd, Sally, Mike and Calyn.

We move in next weekend and are hoping to have all our friends for a house warming the weekend after.

Because we are internationals and the house is furnished, we had to pay 3 months rent as deposit which took a big chunk out of our car budget, then incredibly this week we received an incredibly generous gift from the UK which was 3/4’s of the deposit – We were amazed! So we are hoping to get our papers sorted a buy a car we had seen this week…

…settling in has taken more time than we thought, but it has also been a process of learning of God’s goodness, and his peoples generosity in prayer and finances. Thankyou to everyone who prays and gives to us, it is no stretch to say we are completely unable to do this without you.

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  1. we got a car last week too….Golf estate (station wagon for US) 1.6 100000 miles, very clean, we are really pleased.

  2. Yey!!! So good to hear – sounds like you totally have room for a Gillespie family visit! Pray that we can find money to come see you! I was praying so much that a UK family would send you the money for the car – God is SO good! Look forward to hearing more soon!

  3. Hi! My husband Andy and I and our little girl Norah (13 mos) live just down the street from you (sort of :)) We are Americans and moved to CT June 1 – were living in Muizenberg where we made friends with several YWAM’ers, and just this week moved up to the Kommetjie area. We are off of Old Kommetjie Road, closer to Sun Valley/Capri. We are volunteers with Africa Jam, a Christian youth ministry. We are so eager to learn more about Masi and Ocean View (our primary work until now has been in Khayelitsha and some in Lotus River) and how we can get involved there. We are so interested in the YWAM team out here as well as All Nations, Baby Safe and all the other exciting ministries we are hearing about. Would love to get together some time as we’re all on the same team in the grand scheme of things. 🙂 We are both settling in right now, but let us know when you think you might be available to come for dinner or meet up!




  4. Hooray! So glad to hear you are moved in to your new place and are finally able to SETTLE for awhile! I loved looking at the map and seeing where your new house is. I can just picture it! Still praying for your car situation. We love you guys.

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