How to share transformation not just information

A Good friend, Jonathan, recently started a blog all about change, how change happens…

He invited me to write something about a study I participated in on education as transformation that would be readable for people outside of the Church, he posted yesterday..

I love that this blog is about change. Change is what humanises us.

Think about any narrative you have ever read, or watched. A truly captivating character is one that changes. At the the heart of every good story, whatever the surrounding circumstances, there is a person who changes.

And yet, despite being captivated by the idea of change, most of us feel the futility, or at least the slowness, of change in our own lives and those around us.

Read More over at ChangeWriter –

We as the People of God should be motivated to be Change Agents where we spend our weeks! Keep reading our friend Jonathan’s blog to learn more about the how.

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