Reflecting on being in India

India has to be one of the most challenging but at the same time fruitful experiences in planting Jesus we have ever encountered. Liam had a pretty awful parasite and Rachel tore ligaments in her ankle in the last few days and

was wheelchair bound.. But during our time there we saw people make significant steps to follow Jesus, saw them gather their friends and begin to see what simple church might look like amongst tibetan buddhists, many who had never heard the name of Jesus before we arrived…

Our team saw some buddhist monks have dreams of Jesus, teaching the bible to their friends, and even one who was sharing Jesus with his family over the phone back in Tibet!
Some in our team were able to start a bible study for street cobblers, who were illiterate, through telling stories from the bible. We were able to connect them with another worker nearby who will continue to go back and share these stories with them weekly.
One of the young cobblers called Vikki had been a lost entirely blind and was only 16. His life situation in India was entirely dependent on this, with absolutely no health care or support available to him, he was looked after all the time by his cousin. During our visit our friend Dan’s father, a businessman from Colorado visited and realised there might be something that could be done if we could get Vikki to a good eye hospital. So at the end of our trip when we went to Delhi Vikki was brought down to an eye hospital that said part of the problem was cataracts which were easily fixed and so much of Vikki’s sight was able to be restored.

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  1. Guys – you are freakin awesome! Keep spreading the Gospel of Jesus! This is full on and exciting stufff!

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