Rest is Worship

I’ve been reflecting on the things I’ve learnt in the last 6 months, thinking of the things that have really impacted my life, changed the way I think, the way I act, because those are the true indicators of if we believe something. Something I have come to believe, is that rest in many senses […]

We’ve been busy!!

Well, We first need to start with a bit of an apology, we realise we have been a little slack with the blog even though we endlessly encouraged you all to read it before we left, so here, on paper (kind of), is a commitment to be more regular with up The Manifesto Of Strength […]

And it Begins

We have arrived! As you can tell from our last post we have quite an adventure, but we are delighted to be here. We have had a pretty hectic week and a half, we began by going through our induction processes, paying our fees, getting campus badges made, which was followed by a formal hawaiian […]