We’ve been busy!!

Well, We first need to start with a bit of an apology, we realise we have been a little slack with the blog even though we endlessly encouraged you all to read it before we left, so here, on paper (kind of), is a commitment to be more regular with up The Manifesto Of Strength […]

And it Begins

We have arrived! As you can tell from our last post we have quite an adventure, but we are delighted to be here. We have had a pretty hectic week and a half, we began by going through our induction processes, paying our fees, getting campus badges made, which was followed by a formal hawaiian […]

Leaving Party 5th Sept

We are having a leaving party for all our Scottish friends and family on Saturday the 5th Sept at 7.30pm, hosted at IBC, in Cults, Aberdeenshire. We’ll be serving drinks and dessert, taking lots of photos, tell you a little bit about payday loans online what we are going away to do, and generally have […]