Travelling to Limpopo

The highlight of our month was a trip to the most rural and impoverished state in South Africa, Limpopo. Limpopo is in the very North East of Sou

th Africa bordering Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique, it is the home of Eric, Petrus, and Lucas, 3 African church planters that Liam has been working alongside and sharing discipleship with. We travelled there for the wedding of Eric and his fiance Thandi (pronounced Tandy), Liam was the only white guy of the groomsmen and it was a VERY African affair! Liam has 4 costume changes, the wedding lasted 2 days, the wedding rehearsal was meant to start at 7pm and didnt begin til 1AM, lasting until 4AM!!!

During the wedding, we had an encounter with a local demonized man who 3 times tried to put a ‘muti’ (witchdraft) curse on Rachel by rubbing a spit and mud paste on her arm. In the end Liam had to forcibly remove the guy, Of course this was frightening for Rachel but we have reflected on it and prayed about it a lot and felt we have learnt a deep lesson about the authority of God’s kingdom over these things.

Another highlight of being there, was to help Petrus another african guy, Liam has been working with, move home. We were so sad to say goodbye as the main reason Petrus has had to return home was lack of finances, but as we went to his home with him, we realised that God has also orchestrated our timing. We arrived with Petrus, who at first was reserved when he saw his family, which we are learning is quite normal for African families, later when we went inside, Petrus broke down in tears which is unheard of for most african males, explaining in English that his mother doesn’t normally look how she did and she was very ill, he asked if we could pray for her. So we invited through Petrus speaking in Northern Sotho, for her to sit and explain that we would lay hands on her. We don’t know if she was healed, or still will be, but Petrus shared with Rachel who hadn’t been there, how amazing our time was, this was the first time the kingdom of God has been invited into his house to impact his family who are animist (worshipping ancestors). We feel like it was very significant that we were able to ‘take Petrus home’.

We were exhausted by the time we returned to Cape Town, but our eyes have been opened like never before to the good, bad and ugly of rural african culture that so many of those we are seeking to disciple come from.


Singing at Eric and Thandi’s Wedding

Spot the white guy dancing in the groomsmen dance!

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