Unexpected Fruit – Our time in South Africa

We were glad to spend a couple of weeks back in South Africa, we were able to spend some time with friends in Masiphumelele, and see how some of the simple churches we had planted were continuing. One group I had been working with before leaving for India, consisted of some family and friends who live in the wetlands the poorest area in Masi.

To put it bluntly it had been a rag tag bunch, many who would even turn up half drunk, but would all read the bible and pray for one another when encouraged. When I left, even though I had coached one of them to gather the others, and how to lead the discovery bible study I honestly had no expectation they would keep meeting. So much so, that when I went to catch up with her, It was about 30mins into the conversation, I asked what she had been up to that weekend; to my amazement she said, “Oh, we had bible study on Sunday” – I was so shocked, I asked “You mean the one we did before I left”. She didn’t seem half as surprised as I was. To finish it all off, before we had left she had asked for prayer for getting a job or starting a small business. I had encouraged her, she should look for a way to start a little business, and helped her overcome a complete lack of self belief. When I got back I saw a little sign outside of her shack, and found out she had started selling pre-pay phone credit and electricity from her shack, and was makes a modest profit every week from it!

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