Update from Malawi #1

Hello from Malawi, this one is sent from my phone so pictures of beautiful Malawi this time I’m afraid.

We’ve been here for the last couple of days settling in with the team in mangochi. Oliver and Rhoda have moved into their house and are excitedly collecting furniture for it and making preparations for their children to join them from the north.

Blessings was met by his wife and son who he had not seen for 2 years! We also arrived to see Jonah who is delighted to finally be amongst his team.

The last few days we have been spending time doing DBS with the team, praying, worshipping and encouraging them and sharing on the areas we feel are important for them as a missional team. The last couple of days we have shared with one another about perserverance in the face of dissappointment, being full of the holy spirit and asking for spiritual gifts.

Our travel up to mangochi was good overall. We managed it in 3 days straight, with a slight holdups with crazy border issues… we then spent a hot and tedious wait on the Zimbabwe side. As we drove the 7hrs through Zim we were stopped 5 times by police looking to extract fines from us through intimidation, but everytime we had favour as we explained what we were doing. Every policeman asked for a bible and we asked if we could pray for some of them.

With the holdups we just missed the closing time for the Mozambican border but managed to find a cheap place to stay just next to the border.

The next day was another 4hr border crossing process trying to navigate the autheorities and then those who are there to make money from unsuspecting malungus!

We made good time through mozambique even though the road turned into constant deep potholes and made it to the Malawian border.

We were ready for the Malawian border guards to unpack the quantum of all the stuff when mike came across a friendly believer customs agent. He allowed us to pass when he heard about the team and we were able to give him a bible.

In mangochi jonah has already started a DBS with men from his yard and everyone has been cheering and welcoming Oliver and Rhoda remembering them from their time here in CPx. Blessing went to get his bike fixed and is excited by the friendship he is making in his first day here.

Overall everyone is excited, God has an amazing destiny for mangochi and we believe these malawian church planters from all nations are those God has annointed to see a move of God in this place.

Pray for Oliver, Rhoda, Blessing&wife, and Jonah.

Liam&the team

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  1. Rosemary and I are still praying for you and your team on this dangerous, adventurous and strategic mission you are on.

    God bless you. We can imagine a little of your border experiences!

    Lots of love

    P & R


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