We’ve been busy!!

Well, We first need to start with a bit of an apology, we realise we have been a little slack with the blog even though we endlessly encouraged you all to read it before we left, so here, on paper (kind of), is a commitment to be more regular with up

dating you on all that is going on.

DTS Staff Members

DTS Staff Members

Our lectures so far have already been significant times of learning for us in terms of how we approach our longer term goal in South Africa, We are hoping to post some more reflections on what we’ve been learning very soon, bur for now we wanted to let you all know that we are doing well, learning a lot and really feeling like we are being challenged, grown and stretched as we come towards the second half of this time serving in South Africa. If you want to understand some of the areas we will be working, you can find out here, but something that has also been shifting with us, is the areas we will be working with in South Africa. We will still be involved in the areas we mentioned before we left, but as our hearts and minds are shifting as we pray and think about our effectiveness there, along with utilizing the gifts we have in the group which will travel with us to South Africa.

We have started to meet in small groups with the location teams, but the team to South Africa is numbering around 20, so we are meeting in a couple separate groups, we are making great friends here, some like are good friends Calvin and Camille who are going to a different location, but also the groups heading to the same locations are starting to make good connections, and I (Liam) am glad to have another mac geek onboard the trip in the form of Gary and his wife Anna Brndiar from Colorado, Gary is blogging far more faithfully than me right here.

Kings Mansion Renovation

Kings Mansion Renovation

As we write to you, with the subject of being busy, we are on the sunday morning of the first weekend off since we have been here. We have work duties at an old YWAM base on the Island called Kings Mansion every other weekend, it mainly involved landscaping and gardening as there are no seasons here so things grow all year round, all the time! Even in the fortnight between us being there, we see the grass that we seeded grown out, Hawaii has quite an incredible eco system! Ive attached a video below of some very strange plants which live in the grass, I cant remember the name, but I think they are Japanese in origin. They must be related to the venus fly trap because they close when you touch them! Click on the play button on the bottom left of the video below!

Crazy Hawaiian Leaf plant from Liam Byrnes on Vimeo.

Ironman Event

Ironman Event

In between the weekend we were working at Kings Mansion, we were volunteering for the Ironman Triathalon here in Kona, which was an incredible experience. The Ironman Triathalon begins with a 2.5 mile swim, followed by a 112 miles bike ride, then a marathon!! We were there at 3am for the start at 6, here is a short video of the swim start, it was quite an event!

Ironman Triathalon Kona 10.10.09 – 4 from Liam Byrnes on Vimeo.

We were security for the bike ride section, but then hung out at the finish line to see what a person who swims 2.5 miles, ride 112 miles and then runs a marathon looks like, we attached a video below:

So finally, we are hoping to keep this as up to date as we can, please feel to free to comment on the bottom of this page, we love to hear from you.

3 Comments on “We’ve been busy!!

  1. YEAH A POST! haha. To vouch for Liam, we are amazingly busy here, but I’ll prod him to create more posts for you readers 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out! We love you guys,
    Calvin (a wanna-be mac geek, but still on a PC)

  2. great website Liam. Now I can follow you around for years! great getting to know you too. And i love that video of the ‘crazy Hawaiian leaf plant.’

  3. WOW! you have an awesome blog! I am so excited for you guys to go to south africa! We will be seeing you in our guest room in March with calvin an camille. A full house!

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