Everyone gets to play – Some Questions for you

Last post we talked about discipleship returning to its central place in our approach to evangelism and missions, but I want to say first this time, that evangelism and missions aren’t some technical new christian industry that the few are employed into, but the everyday living out of following Jesus that every believer is called […]

Why Church Planting must be Discipleship

For the last 12 months or more we have been studying and working out in practice what it looks like to church plant in the various areas (Africa and now Northern India) we have been working. The reason our desire is to specifically plant church as a mode of missions comes from many places both […]

Short Thoughts on Ministry – Pastoral Calling

Recently a good friend of ours asked us about our thoughts on calling and living life as a minister of the gospel. I shared 3 brief thoughts and then some very good and thought provoking statements from Eugene Peterson who’s thinking on this area I admire immensely. I’m sharing them here with you in the […]

Arrived in India

We are Happy to say we have arrived safe and sound in India. We spent a couple of days in New Delhi, which was an amazing introduction to India…we made a short video called “travel” to give you an idea of the things we are seeing, and the death defying traffic we are living through!! […]