Masiphumelele Fire update | December 2015

We’ve been a little quiet on reporting about the recent fire in Masi where 4000 people lost their homes and possessions. For those outside of the local area, Please be in contact if you would like to contribute financially, pray more consistently, or find out more information. This is the informal section of Masi that […]

Proclaim the Kingdom of God | Heal the Sick | Easter 2015

In the last month we have planted a new church in Masiphumelele, we have appointed local leaders as the elders and are attending it as our primary church family. We are so excited as we see many of the leaders we have poured into over the last 5 years, step up and lead a new […]

Our Mundane life in God

Well its almost a new year…We were recently back in the UK, and as ever, people enthusiatically ask about our last year. I guess this is a regular enough occurance, but it’s particularly asked of people who have been away. Recently I was in a small church which is an newer church plant from the […]

False Choices between head and heart

Christian writers, for centuries and jewish writers for centuries before that, have sought to understand the inner workings of people. Early Christians taking their lead from a trinitarian understanding of God, moved to imagine humans trinitarianly, Body, Soul and Spirit. As with all images, metaphors they break up into the abyss of mystery. Whilst the […]

Jesus is Our Sign, but is He the sign we want?

Here’s a forewarning, this is a somewhat apologetic ramble of the highest degree, but I figured that many new testament writers got away with it, so I’d try too! Throughout the new testament there are two groups of folks presented to us, and although I don’t think new testament cultures always give us direct templates […]

How to share transformation not just information

A Good friend, Jonathan, recently started a blog all about change, how change happens… He invited me to write something about a study I participated in on education as transformation that would be readable for people outside of the Church, he posted yesterday.. I love that this blog is about change. Change is what humanises […]

Why we need more than relationship in discipleship

In my last post I talk about my bias that discipleship is really the core of what it is all about. Unfortunately, like many often-used words, it has a way of getting watered down, murkied, and down-right greyed out, until we can’t make head or tail of it. Here’s my take; Discipleship is intentional relationship. […]

When it comes down to it, it’s about discipleship

This is our blog, we haven’t been too good at keeping it up to date, but I am engaging in a well know tradition in this internet world, the blog re-entry! For anyone who knows much about the fringes of the blog-world, the re-entry post has about as much possibility of keeping momentum as all […]

Our 2 New laptops stolen!

With both of our roles in All Nations requiring some administration, Liam studying for a second degree, and Rachel studying Gallup Strengths coaching, plus our communication with you our supporters, we saved this year to buy a new laptop. As we looked online to buy a laptop in the states and have a friend bring […]

Why and How we Go – David Watson

Here in Cape Town we are longing to see disciples making disciples, planting Jesus amongst those who don’t know him. Last year I was able to sit in a workshop with David Watson and hear his take on planting Jesus amongst the lost in such a way that it is multiplied into a self perpetuating […]