Our 2 New laptops stolen!

With both of our roles in All Nations requiring some administration, Liam studying for a second degree, and Rachel studying Gallup Strengths coaching, plus our communication with you our supporters, we saved this year to buy a new laptop.

As we looked online to buy a laptop in the states and have a friend bring it back, someone generously gave for us to buy a second more basic laptop for Rachel. We had our friends Johnny and Jenni buy them on our behalf and send them to our friend Isaac who was visiting the states to carry home.

Unfortunately in Johannesburg his bags were delayed and the baggage handlers stole both of the brand new laptops out of the bag. We are continuing to pursue re-imbursement but it has become clear that with disclaimers for laptops with the airlines and credit card companies. It seems they are lost with little chance of us seeing any meaningful re-imbursement. All in all we had spent just under £1600/$2500, but our cost of replacement will be more like £2200/$3450 because of exchange rates and education discount applied to the original order.

Although we have actually enjoyed the grace of God empowering us to not freak out at this and be ‘content in all things..’, Please pray with us that we can find a way to buy new laptops as they are vital for our day to day work and efficiency. If you would like to give to help us recover the laptops please go here

UK – Click here to help replace our laptops.

USA & Elsewhere – Click here to help replace our laptops.

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